Free excerpts of Positively Negative

Back when I was first planning to publish Positively Negative as a short ebook along the lines of a Kindle Single, it was called HIV and Baby Makes Three. Early interest had me sharing excerpts of it with HIV publications during the book's Indiegogo campaign.

First up, an introduction to the two couples, the Morgans and the Hartmanns via POZ Magazine:

“He held out his hand to shake hands and said, ‘Hi, welcome. I’m [Ted],” she said. “I was looking into his amazing blue eyes and I remember thinking, ‘This is the guy.’ I just knew it from the moment I met him.”

Next, meet our primary scientists, Myron Cohen at UNC and Pietro Vernazza at the Swiss Federal Commission on Sexual Health:

“I realized all these couples had nearly a zero risk of transmitting the virus,” said Vernazza. “We felt it wasn’t fair to withhold this information.”

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