Busting HIV and Pregnancy Myths

Back in December, for World AIDS Day, the kind folks at BabyZone interviewed me about Positively Negative (then still called HIV and Baby Makes Three). The interview was wide ranging, and here's one point that didn't make it into the article that I think is telling about how the science has surpassed the culture when it comes to HIV: During the interview, the very thoughtful reporter kept referring to the two men in the book as having AIDS. 

For people outside the HIV world, this is no big deal. But the fact is that AIDS is a specific condition, a syndrome that occurs when one's immune system drops to the level of not being able to ward of various health conditions. That's when you see the shingles and the thrush and the Kaposi's sarcoma, among other things. But these two men, Ted and Dan, in Positively Negative have none of that. They have the virus but they are not sick.

That's the power of effective antiretroviral treatment. That's what makes babies like Pom Pom and Ryan possible, and what has kept Poppy and Susan healthy. 

That's part of why we need Positively Negative: Because HIV isn't AIDS, and HIV is not a death sentence, when well managed. Let's change the conversation.

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