...A thriller, love story and medical mystery all in one...
— Author Jennifer Steil

WELCOME TO THE NEW ERA OF HIV. Decades after HIV ravaged a generation, we are in an age of long lives, seemingly functional cures, and a realistic hope for an AIDS-free generation. In an era like this 10-month-old Pom-Pom Morgan, is both a miracle of modern science and far from an anomaly—born to parents who had sex without a condom and didn’t pass on the virus, even though the father has HIV. 

How we got here is the story of super-powerful anti-viral medications whose potential we are only now starting to grasp. It’s the story of the uncomfortable balance public health officials must now strike between preventing treatment-resistant strains of the virus and giving people living long-term with HIV the chance to have families, simply and affordably. And it’s a love story—between men and women in two couples who pioneered a new path to pregnancy despite persistent social and medical taboos that have deemed childbearing irresponsible in the past. 

Follow the Hartmanns and the Morgans from the blush of first love to the squalls of their newborn daughters. Then, join the pre-eminent scientists in the field as they uncover the surprising new science of HIV, one that means that unprotected sex for some HIV-affected couples isn't crazy.

It's natural.